사단법인 한몽문화교류협회

사단법인 한몽문화교류협회

2023년 한국문화연수프로그램 모집계획 (D-1)글로벌 한국 문화예술_사단법인 한몽문화교류협회

Korean Culture Training Program Recruitment Plan (D-1)

Stay Schedule

  • Culture and art training
    (D-1 / Period of stay: 2 years)
  • Korean language training course
    (D-4-1 / Period of stay: 2 years)
  • Studying abroad
    (college / college D-2 / period of stay: 2 years)
  • Specific activities
  • Resident
  • Permanent residence
You can stay in Korea for at least 6 years.

Selection Criteria

  • Those who have passed the document review
  • Those who have a clear purpose for training
  • Those who do not have any problems with entry and visa issuance
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Those who majored or graduated from majors related to culture and art, and who attended school
  • Those who are judged to have sufficient financial capacity to pay for the stay


  • Training Course

    └ K-POP Dance / Korean / Korea folk music / Barista / Nail Art

  • Class hours

    └ 4 hours per day, 5 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), 640 hours of class, 4 months of vacation

  • Volunteer

    └ There is no separate permission procedure. 6 hours or more every day upon arrival, Volunteering is possible for 4 months during vacation (payment of actual and transportation expenses)
    ※ Study abroad and language trainees can work part-time (part-time jobs) six months after entry.

  • When to apply

    └ Occasionally (more than 20 people)

  • Special Activities

    └ Orientation for new students
    └ Cultural experience: Korean traditional culture experience (Sightseeing tour)
    └ Special activities (golf, swimming, fitness, yoga)

Payment of tuition

  • Date of payment and amount of payment
    division Payment date Price
    Tuition When applying for admission KRW 8,000,000 KRW (1 year / 32 weeks / 640 hours)
    Dormitory fee When applying for admission KRW 1,800,000 Won
    premium Payment after entry KRW 200,000 Won
    Other expenses: textbooks, immigration for immigrants, health checkups at public health centers, electricity prices for dormitories.
  • Payment method: Overseas remittance (domestic account transfer) Remittance fee is applied by the applicant when sending money overseas. Invoice sent separately

Required documents

order Required documents submission Whether Whether
1 passport copy chapter 1 copy
2 Application Form 1 chapter 1 (Signature of the person)
3 Self-introduction form 2 chapter 1
4 Resume Form 3 chapter 1
5 2 photos (3.5 * 4.5) 2 sheets Passport photo
6 Final school graduation certificate (if you are attending school, submit a certificate of enrollment) chapter 1 Original (English notarized)
7 Tuition payment receipt chapter 1 Original
8 Select one of the following documents to prove your academic background
① Proof of proof such as degree (academic ability) confirmed by Apostille
② Confirmation of the Korean Consulate in your country or the consulate of your home country
chapter 1 Original
9 Copy of ID card (applicants, parents) chapter 1 copy
10 A family relationship certificate that demonstrates the relationship between the applicant and the father and mother chapter 1 Original (English notarized)
11 Parent's certificate of employment (including income) chapter 1 Original
12 Certificate of bank balance in the name of the person or parent (more than 6 months and more than $ 9,000) Bank balance certificate: issued only within 30 days chapter 1 Original
13 Copy of family register (applicants, parents) chapter 1 copy
14 Designated hospital tuberculosis diagnosis (including chest X-ray test results) chapter 1 Original (English name in Korean translation)
  • Documents required for admission and visa issuance can be adjusted according to the applicant's country and qualification.
  • The resident's identity guarantee in Korea can be Korean or those who have acquired Korean nationality.
  • Admission fee and tuition fees are paid in the name of an guarantor or another person other than the applicant's name   Be sure to ask the association to confirm the transfer.


  • If the visa is not issued in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea Even if the applicant has received a letter of admission, he / she will not be admitted.
  • According to the regulations of the Immigration Office of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea. If not issued, the applicant's admission can be revoked.
  • If the tuition fee is not paid within the specified period, the applicant's final acceptance qualification will be cancelled.
  • If the application fee is not paid within the period, it will not be accepted.
  • If the documents submitted do not match the facts or if the falsification is confirmed, the applicant's eligibility is cancelled.
  • Submitted documents and admission fees are not refundable.
  • The tuition fee was not received before the start of the school day due to the inability to obtain a training visa or due to unavoidable circumstances. If you wish to receive a refund, you must submit a refund application, a copy of your identity card, and a copy of your passbook. When delegating to another person, a power of attorney is attached. However, applicants are responsible for the fees required for overseas remittance when refunding.
  • After admission, all matters must follow the operating guidelines of the Hanmong Cultural Exchange Association. You may be discharged.
  • All trainees must reside in a dormitory, except when living with an identity guarantor in Korea. You must follow the dormitory regulations.

Inquiries for admission counseling

Admission Consultation
address Hanmong Cultural Exchange Association, 6 Seodang-ro 7-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City
telephone Chairman 82-010 8988 5104 FAX : 82-53-854-5104
Charge 1 82-010 5402 7393
Charge 2 82-010 8523 7139
E-mail 01089885104@gmail.com
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